Friday, May 28, 2010


The Trophy Wife and the Zebra have something in common, besides this meandering post discussing the concept of he ability of the zebra to pull off the no-no of horizontal stripes while flaunting the ampleness of the striped bum, no less.

That's right. There is more.

While on a recent Safari, the jeep-driver-slash-tour-guide explains the names of different groupings of animals. For example, he says look! a colony of ants or he says duck! a flock of seagulls or he says by golly! it's a rhumba of rattlesnakes!

Note: Yes, really. A rhumba!

Imagine the surprise and delight then, when the Trophy Wife learns that a grouping of Trophy Wives and a grouping of Zebra share the exact same name and I kid you not:

Note: Well, I may be kidding, but it should be true, in any case.

Aye! It's a dazzle of Trophy Wives. Oh! And a dazzle of Zebra.

Note: Sweet. And Dazzling!

Heck, yes!

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Penny said...

I don't even know what to say. You have dazzled me with your wit and amazingness. Bring some more on!