Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Malamute Guy Speaks

If you are not acquainted with Malamute Guy, (after hanging head in shame), please refer to my recent blog post "I Think I"ll Go for a Walk Outside". (I cannot waste my precious time rehashing old news.) I am clearly enjoying the use of the parentheses today.

So Rubi and I are on a "go" and Malamute Guy approaches on the other side of the street. As usual, Malamute is peeing on the bushes and whatnot when suddenly he catches a glimpse of my dog. At about the same time, Malamute Guy prepares to lift his chin for our conventional nod.

But something happens! Rubi, pleased to have the attention of both Malamute Guy and The Great Malamute himself, uses the leverage of the leash to stand on her little hind legs like a little teeny person (with lots of facial hair and nine nipples) and wag herself silly.

Then Malamute Guy speaks. Yes, he speaks! After five long years, Malamute Guy speaks!

"Look, Boy. Dinner!"

Malamute Guy has made a critical mistake. Malamute Guy would have been wiser to remain MUTE.

You don't mess with the shih tzu. And you particularly don't mess with the shih tzu's mama.

To be continued.

1 comment:

Amanda P said...

Okay...I have to admit. I laughed at his comment. Out loud.