Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hanging On

It's Labor Day Weekend, which means we are laboring. Hub is still installing ceiling fans (sleek ones that actually work!) and in a moment of weakness, I find myself sifting through the clothes hanging wildly in my closet and stuffed haphazardly in drawers. Before I know it, the closet literally explodes, with a tangle of clothes and hangers and shoes and gym socks strewn all over the bedroom. Some of the explosion has even seeped down the stairs and is encroaching on the family room.

Since there is no turning back, I'm in The Home Depot (for the third time today) and this time I'm on the hunt for hangers. Nothing fancy; just those plastic ones that are all the same size and don't poke you in the eye when you are angrily flinging clothes that are ugly/don't fit/look stupid or why did I ever buy this anyway?

In the closet organizing section I find only wooden hangers, like those big ones that my dad hangs his dress pants on. Hub has no such luxury; we are a plastic hanger type of family. I find none and since it's college-dorm season I just know the hangers are somewhere in a giant bin, just out of view.

So I approach the young man up front with his orange Home Depot apron pulled too tight around his belly. I explained that I had been in the closet organization section and found only wooden hangers. "Do you have plastic hangers?" I ask.

He considers the question a bit too long before asking, "What do you plan to hang on them, Ma'am?"

What do I plan to hang on them? Are you kidding me?

Many times I have considered applying for a job at The Home Depot (okay, not really) but felt I was not qualified to do so. I figured that one would have to know something. About stuff. Tools. Electrical wiring. Petunias. Hangers.

Apparently not. At least I know that my future is secure. There will always be a place for me at The Home Depot.

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I'm currently going through quite the closet tragedy at this time. I just moved back into my parents house and the closet is not nearly large enough for my massive shoe, purse, clothing and just general shopping addiction. ;) I love reading all your posts! I miss ya!