Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I See!

I went to see Dr. Cataract today and guess what ... I can see! He worked his magic with the laser and now

The sky is brilliant blue!!!!!

The trees have leaves!!!!
The street signs have words!!!
Faces have noses!!
The television has HD!
The Hub has flecks of gold in his eyes.

The windows are dirty.
The corners have cobwebs..
My hair color needs retouching...
My skin color is splotchy....
My face has more than a couple of lines .....


I see.


slick said...

i am so glad you can SEE!!
you rock the rockstar look :)

Matthew Gamblin said...

Don't trip. Seeing is a good thing.

I just wish my vision was as easy to fix.

Amanda P said...

LOVE the new pic at the top, lady. I think a laser in my eye would make me a wee need of a clonazapam.