Friday, September 25, 2009

LOL is a Crock

I am seriously over 'LOL'. I actually never really believed a word of it. I mean, really. How often does something make one 'laugh out loud'? Sure, something might make one smile a bit (SAB) or something might make one 'emit a giggle' (EAG) or even engage in a 'cock of the head eyebrow raised amused nod' (COTH-ERAN).

But laughing? Out loud? It's pretty rare, at least for highly evolved senses of humor like mine. And it usually involves video of old people falling down (why is that funny?) or models careening off the catwalk. Good stuff indeed.

Perhaps it's just the element of surprise that I enjoy. Maybe I'm a genius or something (maybe?), but I usually see where jokes are going before hearing a punch line and so I end up nodding and weakly smiling.

Which reminds me of the time a nephew of mine was telling lame 8 year-old jokes. I raised my eyebrows and weakly smiled and said things like, "hey, that's funny" or "you tell good jokes" or "is there something pointed nearby so I can poke my eyeballs out?" He finally wrinkled his nose at me because I didn't laugh uproariously--like his mother.

Warning: Do not laugh uproaroiously at your children's jokes. Such a practice is bound to lead to disappointed children and irritated adults.

Note: It would have been way funnier to watch him fall down.

So, I find myself pleasantly surprised this morning to LOL at a comic strip. Granted, I did not engage in a sustained episode of LOLing, but nonetheless, I LOLed. So, I wish to share the object of my Laughing. Out. Loud.

Now I need to know. Did you LOL? SAB? COTH-ERAN? Or something else altogether, like 'you have a sick sense of humor, missy' (YHASSOHM)? My inquiring mind wants to know. So let your comments rip!

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