Monday, September 21, 2009

Do You See What I See?

I finally have an appointment with my ophthalmologist to take a look at my cataract. It's a pretty simple fix at this point, he says. The Doctor will gaze into my eye(s) and zap it with a laser, because I already have a replacement lens and apparently, my said lens is impervious to a laser.

Hey! Does that make me a SuperHero? Hmmmn. Picture a Lady with big old glasses fighting policemen with those over-active radar guns trying to catch the speeders. Oops. My bad. Radars. Not lasers. There goes my SuperHero potential.

I think it may be interesting and informative to allow my reader(s) to understand more about a cataract. A cataract is a cloudy area in the eye, which basically means that things look wacky or blurry or crazy. Essentially, this, except worse:

I am getting bored thinking about my cataract. I want to be thinking about other things. Relating to vision, of course. I'm sticking with a theme here.

So I wonder. What do dogs see? I've heard all the stuff about red-green confusion and better night vision and whatever. Probably not true anyhow, but how do the dog scientists REALLY know what dogs see?

I will ask Rubi what she sees. "Rubi, what do you see?"

Hmmmn. She ran to the front door and barked.

The internets says that dogs see this:

What dog sees this? A dog at a doggy amusement park? And I don't think the doggy on the left is even real.

Sadly, Daughter's dog sees this:

If this needs more explanation, click here.

I've been contemplating other visual abstractions as well, but I'm getting bored again. I need a jello.

I'm out.

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Amanda P said...

I laughed out loud about that whole doggie amusement park. Cuz, let's be honest, I've never even seen that.
Rubio, however, does live in the dark. Good thing it's not me. I'm afraid of the dark.