Thursday, May 7, 2009

Word Up!

I really like words. And I like to use them, to the chagrin of the poor souls who are required, through no fault of their own, to spend time with me. It's not so much that I talk a lot, but I have lots of important things to say. Seriously. Ask my dog.

As someone who really likes words, I probably should have said something like, "I possess a great affinity for words". But I believe that there is a fine line between sounding intelligent and well-educated (and sadly, I'm not known for either) and sounding annoying. And arrogant. And ultimately kind of stupid, in a high-brow you-don't-have-many-friends-do-you? sort of way.

When I teach pilates, I find that the art of distraction is helpful while we hold our plank position, so we discuss stuff (while breathing and contracting our core muscles, of course). Today we were talking about vocabulary and the fact that some words just make you sound smarter. As a general rule, words of more than three syllables can be very impressive, but in spite of the three-syllable rule, we compiled these favorites (Actually I compiled--everyone else was tightening their core and trembling with effort and whatnot.):

perhaps, perchance, however, thereof, certainly, uncanny, obscure, observation, nonetheless, peruse, inevitable

Thanks for reading. And perhaps, given the opportunity to peruse the dictionary, you may wish to add a word, however obscure to our somewhat-abbreviated list.

Heck, the plank only lasts sixty seconds. How many words were you expecting?

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Amanda P said...

and don't forget lackadaisical.