Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big Idea

Daughter and I were having another (in a series of many, I assure you) important conversation today. Our discussions are varied; we may drift from whether or not she has a brain tumor (I'm going with 'not' on that one) to how long one can refill his 44 oz soda cup at the 7-11 before it becomes a health hazard.

Today Daughter was saying that if one really wants his kid to be successful (read: famous) the children need pretty awesome names. She actually had the nerve (read: balls) to imply that with her given name, she was destined for a somewhat average life. As the namer-of-the-daughter, I fully disagree and think her name is spectacular and memorable and whatnot.

So Daughter and her Husband were discussing memorable names for their kids, such as 'Darth' and 'Tom Cruise' and 'Indiana Jones'. Alright, maybe those were not the exact names, but I can't remember. I scoffed a bit, because let's face it, 'Busta Rhymes' is so not a real name. She countered with, "Well, what about Leonard Nimoy? With a name like that he was destined for intergalactic travel." (She may not have said that exactly, but that's what she meant).

I scoffed a bit, as had become customary in this discussion and said, "That can't be a real name. Have you ever heard of anyone named Nimoy?" However, a quick internet check confirmed it; he was born Leonard Nimoy but I'm pretty sure the pointed ears are fake. However, here's the cool part and hence, the big idea: His mother's name was Dora.

Not even kidding. Then was born the concept, which I'm sure will be stolen from me and produced in some whacked-out off-Broadway play before being picked up by Disney and making millions and on account that my name is Dianne (read: average! boring! not famous!), I will receive none of the credit (read: money) that is due me.

In the next Star Trek adventure, Spock is taken hostage by a frightening looking alien (I think purple) with eight arms, which drags him away. While the rest of the trekkers search the universe, that-little-round-guy -that-always-wore-the-gold-suit-too-tight beams himself under the sea where he meets all manner of 'alien' creatures in his pursuit of Spock, who may or not be the prisoner of a whacked-out dentist, and is befriended by an undersea creature (read: a fish) named Dora who helps him in his quest of:

Finding Nimoy.

Heck, yes.

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Amanda P said...

I think we need to start recording our conversations. Otherwise we are destined for lives without credit for the amazing ideas we come up with. :::scoffs:::