Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. and Mrs.

So, I run into Safeway after my pilates class to pick up a few of the items I need to make Martha's Strawberry Shortcake Gelee. I'm at the checkout, running my debit card, punching in my Safeway card number. You know, the usual.

The clerk, who was not overly gracious, did her thing and folded up my receipt to hand it to me. (Why do they fold those things, anyway?) She glanced down at my name, which was on the receipt on account of my debit card. Obviously, she was having a little trouble with either her eyesight or her pronunciation, because these words came from her mouth:

"Have a nice Day, Mrs. . . . Gremlin."

Heck, yes. Mrs. Gremlin! Fantastic! And that means there is a Mister Gremlin! How could I not have a nice day after that?


Matthew Gamblin said...

We might have to consult my Mrs about that one. I don't know if she would appreciate the name of Gremlin.

Me, however? Well, I think we know where I am on the subject.

Amanda P said...

As a former Gremlin, I must say that if you didn't have a fantastic day after that, you are looney. Maybe they'd appreciate that in Dollywood as well...