Friday, May 8, 2009

Wild Gesticulations

Note: Is it just me, or is the word 'gesticulate' a tiny bit uncomfortable to use in general conversation? It seems to be an uncomfortable combination of 'genitals' and 'testicles' and you-know. I will not use it again.

Anyway, Rubi and I were driving down to the craft store (I know, weird huh, because I'm not real good at crafts. I can't see a doggone thing and my thumbs can't pick up much) to buy stuff for the Young Women value dinner at my house next week. In the car ahead of us, a lady was wildly "flinging her hands around" (I promised!) while chatting or berating or whatevering the person in the passenger seat. The surprising part about the whole thing is that there WAS a person in the passenger seat.

Nowadays (yes, nowadays) when people are "flailing about" as they drive, they are most often on a cell phone. Back in the day (like less than a decade!), when folks "gestured uproariously" they were threatening their kid (yup, under 12 in the front seat!) within an inch of their lives or trying to get the dog to get his head back in the window or letting the dude in front of them know that his driving was rather poor.

Not so anymore. People fling and flail and gesture at absolutely nothing in ways that 'back in the day' would probably get you an appointment at the loony bin.

Me and Rube think it's crazy.

However, let me share one last thought question on the subject: The benefit of the cell phone glued to everyone's ears 24/7? When's the last time you sat at a stoplight bouncing to the bass of the speakers of some dude behind you playing his stereo at its full and distorted blast? The driver couldn't possibly hear a darn thing on the phone with his music shaking the earth.

There's always a silver lining. ">)

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Amanda P said...

I HATE it when I have to drive home from work and you don't answer the phone. What am I supposed to DO while driving if I'm not on the phone? lol.