Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tremors. And Spewing. But No Onesies.

I wonder about things sometimes. No, I am not still wondering about the Onesie, although my mind does return to the concept now and again.

Today, I wonder about Soda.

Note: I'm not wondering about 'Pop' or even 'Soda Pop'. I really hate when people refer to carbonated beverages as 'Pop' because that's the name of my Dad, for crying out loud.

So I am wondering about Soda. Specifically, I am wondering how Soda flavors get such unusual names.

Do a bunch of Soda Gurus sit around a table and sip and nod and burp and spew liquid out their noses as they suggest ridiculous ideas like Shasta (I mean, really, I've been in that lake recently and you surely do not wish to drink it) or Dr. Pepper or even Mr. Pibb?

Note: I am wondering if Mr. Pibb was my 8th grade science teacher.

So, I think the Gurus had a little too much coke in their cola, if you know what I mean, when they decided that this was a good name for a Soda:

Are you kidding me?

Is this really a good idea? Nurse, I'm parched. Give me a sip of Dr. Tremor before I begin surgery, or I cannot understand why my paint by number 'dogs playing pool' turned out so poorly or Hey, quit looking at my eyebrows like that!

Yes, I can almost feel the Soda spraying out the gurus' noses from here after one of the yahoos suggests Dr. Tremor.


Heck, yes!

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