Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Onesie. Twosie. Threesie. Four.

I am wondering about the onesie.

After utilizing the unique-to-infants garment with the Grand Boy this weekend, I am definitely pondering about it.

Why has the onesie lost favor as the child grows? Why has such an ingenious invention as the onesie not been utilized by general society as a viable fashion alternative?

Imagine a world where an older, larger-bellied gentleman can just snap his shirt into place, yes, with no more constant tucking and retucking over the protrusion. In front.

Note: Simmer down, everyone. I am referring to the protrusion of the belly, for crying out loud.

Now imagine a world where a youth in saggy gang-banging pants is sporting a neatly-snapped polo on his bum instead of his Joe Boxers. And the professional basketball player in a onesie could more easily abide by the NBA-imposed 'tuck rule,' providing a more streamlined look, which is a little trick that male figure skaters have long enjoyed.

So, please join me in my plea for common sense for the emergence of the onesie as not just a fashion statement, but for the consideration of the teensie, the groomsie with a quick-release mechanism, the sportsie or if one is playing a sport requiring a ball, the ballsie, and of course the oldsie, for obvious reasons, unfortunately.

And plumber's crack? A thing of the past.

Heck, yes!

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wormL_h said...

i LOL'ed :)
i mean, i think it's a brilliant idea-- keeping that onesie look as a fashion...

love the background, too!

Amanda P said...

I've got a comment...but I'm gonna keep it to myself. haha.

Matthew Gamblin said...

You know, they do make things for men that you means you can connect the tails of your shirts to your socks.

That'll keep you in line.

brie said...

I've got this, like, mental image that I can't get out of my head.

And it makes me want to gag.

Thanks to you.