Monday, August 30, 2010

It's My Party. And I'll Cry if I Want To.

So, Aarti's Party.

Note: Yes, I am thinking again, which always get me to wondering. And I am wondering about Aarti's Party.

Additional Note: For the Food Network-Deprived, and I pity you, Aarti is the big winner of The Next Food Network Star.


Note: Not!

So, Aarti's Party. The premise is that Aarti (who is Indian, hence the unusual name, I guess) is having a Party.

Note: I hope this concept is not too confusing.

Personally, I think Aarti Farty is much more fun. And although I have the sense of humor of a pre-pubescent boy, farting is hilarious, unless it is happening right next to me. Additionally, I find the Arm Fart to be particularly hilarious. I actually saw someone arm-fart the National Anthem.

Note: Pre-pubescent boy, yes.

So, Aarti is cooking. At the beginning of the show, she describes the upcoming 'Party' and then prepares the food. For the Party.

Today, she is hosting her Accountability Group, whatever that is. Aarti is saying we have a lot of heavy things to discuss, so we need comfort food and I'm thinking where's the streamers? where's the balloons? where's those crazy noisemakers?

Note: This does not sound like a party to me. Heck, my Accountant Group would make a snappier party and that's not saying much.

The food looks delicious. But seriously, Aarti. Grab a Diet Coke and a little umbrella and go a little bit wild.

And maybe no one will even have to cry at your party next time!

Heck, yes!

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