Friday, February 26, 2010

What a Difference a Vowel Makes.

It is raining!

But Rubi needs her walk. Yet this is excellent news. Excellent news, indeed. Because I have new rain boots.

My new rain boots are not Wellies, as in Wellington Boots, as in super hip and cool and as in oh, you got new Wellies? Fab!

No, my new rain boots are Wallies, as in Wal-Mart comes to the rescue for folks who don't want to spend quite that much on rain boots.

Note: I swear that I do not spend all that much time at Wal-Mart. Yes, I was there on New Year's Eve and yes, that cashier fellow did hit on me, but really. A Trophy Wife is encouraged to shop wherever she pleases. Including Wal-Mart, if she must.

Rubi sees me go to the kitchen drawer and grab a ziploc baggie to stick into the pocket of my Victoria's Secret PINK fleece pants.

Note: If you, dear reader, do not understand the necessity of the baggie, you are not a dog walker. Or you live on a farm. Or you are one of those people.

Rubi begins spinning. And racing around the house Looking for a toy to bring on her walk. Or a cookie. She must eat the cookie before she leaves. So no one else gets it.

I am putting on a big 49er jacket with a hood to protect my hair from the rain.

Note: The rain could not possibly make my hair look any worse.

We go outside. The wind is blowing. The rain is sheeting. The dog is peeing. The gutters are gushing.

And I am Singing. In the Rain. In my Wallies.

Heck, yes!

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Amanda P said...

I'm glad you are wearing your Wallies proudly. They sell Wallies here...but I think someone missed the fact that it's definitely NOT rain outside. I wonder what happens when it starts to melt, though. I may need some Wallies soon...