Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grand. Just Grand.

I have news!

No. I am not finally a published writer and no, I am not the winner of HGTV's Dream Home and no, I am not the sole heir to the estate of an eccentric old lady who appreciated my stopping by to visit her. In the cold, dark winter. When she was forgotten by her own selfish children.

My news is better!

Yesterday I put my hand on my favorite DIL's growing belly and felt my GrandBoy kick! My GrandBoy kicked!

Someday I will publish a book and my home is lovely enough and money is just money.

But family is what it's all about.

And I felt my GrandBoy kick!

Note: And if that GrandBoy is really lucky, he might look a little like his Dad.


Amanda P said...

I like this. Very much.

Matthew Gamblin said...

He kicks hard. :)

Matthew Gamblin said...

Ok, I have to follow up ...

I was a cute kid, wasn't I? What happened, exactly?

Well, he'll be here soon ... and then we can find out.

Lindsay said...

Oh, I want to see my baby now! Can he please look like his daddy? You can arrange that right?