Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are You Peking at My Duck?

I am watching Martha. Stewart, of course. I am excited to see cute Valentine's Day ideas with hearts and chocolate and cupids and paper crafting, perhaps.

Wait. Martha is talking about The Chinese New Year.


Note: I have no problem with the Chinese New Year. But the Chinese New Year does not generally involve hearts and chocolate and cupids and paper crafting.

Martha is greeting her guests. Oh, this is interesting. One of her guests is a Dumpling Master. Yes, a Master. It takes twenty years to become a Dumpling Master. At Dumpling Master School, I guess.

Note: I am not making this up. In my mind. Although I must admit it sounds like something I might make up. In my mind.

The D.M. looks like he is the age of my son. Twenty-six. Maybe she misspoke and he is a Dumpling Apprentice or Sous Dumpling Master or something.

Note: He is excellent with the dumpling-making.

Martha is now greeting a Chinese Opera Star. I do not mean to sound uneducated, but I do not know that opera is popular in China. When he speaks, James Earl Jones' voice comes out of his mouth. It is mesmerizing.

Note: He sings in Italian. And he makes Peking Duck.

All in all I am learning a lot about the Chinese New Year. And it sounds fun. And delicious.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Lindsay said...

I watched that show today. I actually thought the Chinese Opera Singer sounded like Howard Keel. I could close my eyes and see a red headed Chinese Seven Brides for Seven Brothers man in my head. He and his wife were very charming. They brought the V-day love!