Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Tiger Patch?

So, Mr. Contractor (yes, the lucky dude who has seen my bum) hires a sub to come out and perform drywall repair in the kitchen nook. Mr. Contractor introduces me to Martin (pronounced Mar-teen) who is wearing little blue elastic slippers like the kind worn by a surgeon before he tells you that you're not going to feel a thing.

Note: Except in your wallet. You'll feel it there, for sure.

The best part of all of this useless information is that Mar-teen's van bears the company's logo.

Hmmn. Patches in a Day.


This idea pleases me. I imagine that his shop is frequented by pirates. Ahoy, Matey! I need me a patch. And I need it in a day!

Note: Where the heck is this pirate's eye patch? Clearly, the need for Patches in a Day is, indeed, real.

However, there may be other applications for Patches in a Day that may be more lucrative than either the drywall or pirate patch business.

It occurs to me that the idea of Patches in a Day may also please, say, Tiger Woods. Can you patch up my reputation, Mar-teen? And can you do it in a day?

Note: Sorry, Tiger. Mar-teen's skills just aren't going to help you, Dude. You're on your own.

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