Thursday, December 10, 2009

Full Moon.ed and New Moon.ed

So, yesterday I was mooned twice. Well, three times if I am really counting, but since my children read this blog, I will stick with the original story.

So, yesterday I was mooned twice.

First, I was full-mooned. By my dinner, of all things. Kind of gives new meaning to a sweet potato.

Note: Sweet!

Then, I was new-mooned.

In case the reader thinks I just stole this photo from the internet, I will post a photo of my pal with the New Mooner. Pal is in her own bedroom with him. But she is supervised. By me. The New Moonee.

Note: Mr. Lautner may appear to be in an identical pose in both photos. This phenomenon is simply a figment of the reader's imagination.

I am sure that my little pal feels honored to be in my blog post and will, in no way, require compensation or retribution for this photo, which will now be floating around the internet for all to enjoy.

So, yesterday I was mooned twice.

I was not full-mooned and new-mooned simultaneously.

Simmer down, everyone.

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