Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Act Fast!

So, a famous national retailer, who shall remain unnamed due to the legal ramifications of divulgence of the name (please do not be concerned if my terms are confusing; big words are required when discussing implications of defamation of character and the whatnot), has a real numbers-cruncher working on their accounting books.

Note: Okay, fine. I will tell you the name of the famous national retailer. The famous national retailer starts with an 'Old' and ends with a 'Navy".

But, really. Is this idea going to catch on? T-shirts previously priced at $5 are, for a limited time only, available to the consumer for $10?

The best part?

Act Fast. Pretty soon the shirts will revert to the previous price of $5 and you'll miss out on your chance to get ripped off.

Good thinking. Good thinking, indeed.