Thursday, March 17, 2011

She Bangs.

So, Martha is celebrating St. Patrick's Day on her television
program. Men are marching around in kilts and playing bagpipes, which I always thought was a Scottish thing, but I suppose that once a man drinks enough green beer, anyone can wear a dress.

Martha is now making Bangers and Mash with Colin Firth, who seems to have a wee bit of an attitude, yes. She puts the big old Irish sausage in a sizzling frypan and makes idle conversation.

Do you know why they are called Bangers? She is asking Mr. Firth.

The camera shot is above the frypan where the hefty sausage sizzles. And bangs, yes. Martha is oblivious as usual and comments about the beauty of that darned sizzling sausage, turning it much too appreciatively with the tongs.

Mr. Firth seems delighted with the question. He smiles. It is an evil little smile, like The Grinch imagining that the Whos are finding out now that no Christmas is coming.

Oh, I think I could venture a guess, he boasts.

I think I just lost my appetite.

Carry on!

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Lindsay said...

Today I am a wealth of information...Colin Firth was, sadly, not on the show, but Colin Quinn was. Also, the Irish enjoy a bagpipe just as much as the Scottish. It's just a smaller version. As for the skirts, tragic!