Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Is No Joke. Certainly.

The following is an actual letter received by my actual Son regarding an actual recall of his vehicle. Seriously. And although the letter clearly speaks for itself and requires no elaboration, please be sure that I will. Elaborate, yes.

"On certain Mazda6 vehicles, a certain type of spider may weave a web in the evaporative canister vent line and may cause a restriction in the line. If this occurs, the fuel tank pressure may become excessively negative when the emission control system works to urge the vapors from the canister, potentially leading to fuel leakage and an increased risk of fire."

Sweet Holy Moses.

Don't we have enough troubles in our world without having to worry about certain spiders lurking in certain places? Don't we enough to keep track of with natural disasters and salmonella and economy woes and sunscreen and artificial sweeteners and global warming, for crying out loud?

Now we have to worry about certain spiders that like to go Zoom, Zoom?

I am happy that The Son will soon be driving a Mazda6 with a little net over the evaporative canister line to keep certain spiders out. But then what happens when those nasty creatures can no longer catch a ride in a sporty sedan?

What evaporative canister line is next? Commercial airliners? Aging SUVs? Weed whippers?

And who really cares about the evaporative canister line? I am more concerned about one of those babies deciding to hitch a ride in my ear some evening and weaving her little web that close to my precious brain tissues.

Holy Moly. I would hate to get one of those recall letters!

Heck, yes!

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Matthew Gamblin said...

The scary part is that spiders are now figuring out how to tamper with our cars. Is there any doubt that they'll one day rule the world?

First cars, next ... who knows?

I had to type aness for this ... say that out loud three times fast ...

Tuesday M. said...

I just had to tell you that I do so enjoy your posts! They actually make me laugh out loud (as opposed to simply making me write "lol" - which is altogether different). Thank you for your refreshing take on life. PLEASE keep the posts coming!

Brookel said...

My ear felt itchy after reading this