Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can Fly!

The billboard on the side of the highway has captured my attention, however fleeting that span may be.

It advertises a cosmetic dentist and the billboard shows him surrounded by his loving family. Or his loving staff. I cannot really tell. I am driving 65 miles per hour, after all. His hair seems a little long and curly for a dentist, but I imagine he wears one of those awesome shower caps during the dental procedure.

But here's the thing: In big letters that can be easily read at a high rate of speed the sign says PETER PANG.

Peter Pang?

Are you kidding me?

I can just picture that delivery room scene.

Mr. Pang: Oh darling, he is a perfect little boy. God has given us such a gift. What can we name him to be sure that the other children pick on him at recess and steal his school lunch?

Mrs. Pang: William? Matthew? Robert? Peter?

Mr. Pang: Oh yes. Peter Pang. Perfect!

Sweet Holy Moses.

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Matthew Gamblin said...

I, honestly, cannot think of a better name for your son if your last name happens to be Pang. I think you just have to embrace it.