Monday, January 10, 2011

Building Walls. And Pharmaceuticals. Where Else Can You Find Both Ideas in One Post?

I am having a conversation with a fellow church member.

Note: In this case, conversation is a very loose use of the word. Mostly I am head-nodding and eye-blinking and wondering what the heck we're talking about.

Additional Note: I am wondering if this is how people generally feel when they are conversing with me.

I seem to be doing a very good job of pretending to follow along. We are discussing walls, metaphorical ones, and the importance of tearing them down, I think. But the Church-goer is standing a wee bit too close to me and I am thinking that building a wall might be a very good idea, yes.

We now seem to be conversing about inclusion and flexibility but I think we are actually talking about touching toes, not flexibility about inclusion and/or walls because the conversation turns to pilates and about having flexibility about the inclusion of the less-flexible and making all welcome, without walls. Of some sort.

And apparently all of this wall-building and body-flexing is causing pain and our conversation, of sorts, turns to the importance of listening to the body and the staggering overuse of pharmaceuticals in today's world. Popping a pill instead of listening to our bodies, the Church-Goer says.

Excuse me?

Pharmaceuticals are the American way.

Have you seen my medicine cabinet? I say, but actually I keep my pharms in the kitchen so when a pill-popping moment arises, I am at the ready.

I'm practically a Licensed Pharmacist in fifteen states, I boast.

The conversation drifts to filling our empty spaces with light instead of drugs but I'm thinking about filling my empty spaces with Advil and building walls with little boxes of decongestant and Excedrin PM and Viactiv calcium chews and nasal spray, oh yes, the nasal spray.

All of this deep conversing seems to be causing a headache.

Good thing I've got Advil in my purse.

Heck, yes!

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