Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Mazeltov!

So, the Super Bowl half-time show.

Note: How does one get cast as a dancer with a box on his head?

Casting Agent: You are a good dancer, yes. Unfortunately, you have a face that not even a dog would lick. Here is your box. Place it on your head. Next!

Dancer: Thank you, Sir.

Admittedly, I am not real savvy with the whole Pop Culture thing. Maybe it is because I grew up in a small town that boasts very little pop and even less culture, sadly. Or maybe it is because instead of reading teen magazines, I chose to spend my spare time feeding the hungry and caring for the needy.

Note: Or stealing my neighbors peaches, yes.

The Hub, on the other hand, watches a guitar player emerge on stage during Super Bowl halftime and says stuff like, Slash? Really? And I'm thinking Slash? Really? because if my life depends on it, no wait, If the lives of all Pop Culture Icons depend on it, there is no way in heck that I will ever pull that name out of my (admittedly flat) behind.

And then there's Fergie. She's certainly new and improved. The last time I checked she was the redheaded Duchess of York and married to Prince Andrew, the cute one.

Note: When your brother is Prince Charles, it is not hard to be the cute one.

But now Fergie has long blonde hair and long legs and short lingerie and sings with the Black Eyed Peas, who seem to be Jewish in some fashion because of the whole Mazeltov and L'chaim business but I've Gotta Feeling that the Hebrew connection has nothing to do with

I'm just saying.

Note: Okay, I admit that I know Fergie divorced Prince Andrew and is now apparently hot and much, much younger and married to Josh Duhamel. But I know this fact because Josh is not simply a Pop Culture Icon. He's practically a legend. In his own time. Well, he's super cute, anyhow.

Note: Maybe if Slash were cute, I would recognize him.

I'm just saying.

So I am watching the Super Bowl and hoping that Green Bay wins on account of the fact that they make a mighty fine cheese.

Mazeltov, yes!

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Matthew Gamblin said...

Is the location really "My Butt"? I mean, I know where a lot of comments come from, but that's hi-lari-hari-(you know the rest).


Lindsay said...

Did you have to look up the spelling of "L'Chiam," or are you just that smart?