Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not So Great Expectations.

I am attending a Literature Night sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary at my church.

And although the Trophy Wife highly favors the reading of the written word, books about vampires do not qualify. As literature, no.

Note: I am, however, quite fond of the concept of a Ladies Auxiliary. I imagine us ladies sitting around in dresses and hats, yes, extraordinary hats. And probably we are fanning ourselves on account of the vapors or the gators or something Southern like that.

So, the ladies are listening to book reviews of literature, yes, and nodding and smiling and chuckling as it seems fit. And my mind is wandering, of course, on account of my admittedly short attention span and a sudden craving for grits.

So I'm thinking about creamy grits with whipped cream, of course, and how awesome my iPad is and how my eyelashes are now 30% fuller than before I started using that eyelash-growing stuff which has not changed the color of my eyeballs, no.

And I'm thinking about how the men at church never get together for a Literature Night and why is that? They could sit around and eat pizza and talk about Sports Illustrated and Motor Trend and Gamepro and they could burp and fart and have poor manners all in the name of higher learning.

Holy Moly.

Every once in awhile, however brief, I think it would be awesome to be a man.

Heck, yes!

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