Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Northern California Girls Were Warm, Yes. And Good Kissers.

Do not believe all the hype.

Oh, sure. It is true that California knows how to party. And everybody wishes she was a California girl.

Duh. That's just obvious.

And although California is the world leader in fruit production, smog emissions and silicone implants, it is unfair to assume that all residents are cruising around in polluting convertibles while eating peaches and flashing generously-sized tatas at passing truck drivers.

And now the California mystique has gone too far, again.

I am thumbing through a lifestyle magazine. It is loaded with fashion, home decor and entertaining tips. And then, I see this:


Tuna is great on the go? Well, okay. I guess that I can accept that. Tuna the wonderfish? Well, okay. I guess that I can accept that, too. But closer examination reveals the devastating, unacceptable blow:

Tuna California Pizza? Can't somebody give my fine state a break already? Haven't we suffered enough with the revelation of our ex-Governor's love child with his maid? And never mind that we are the only state in the union to prohibit a woman from driving a motor vehicle in a housecoat. Whatever that means.

And now we are taking the rap for putting tuna on an innocent pizza.

Californians do not aspire to fishy pizzas, folks. So, blame Charlie the Tuna. Or the Gorton's Fisherman. But leave California out of it!

Please. Can't someone just stop the madness?

Heck, yes!

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Roger and Jackie Harris said...

AMEN Sista!

hello_tulip said...

In my opinion, fish should be restricted to the water and stay far away from my pizza...and all other foods....

Matthew Gamblin said...

Wow. Fishy pizza sounds just that ... Fishy.