Friday, June 10, 2011

May I Borrow Your Tool Belt?

The Pool Repair Guy is standing at the door.

I am baffled. By the Pool Repair Guy.

He is asking What is wrong with the pool?

I am explaining that the spa keeps emptying into the pool and it freaks me out to see the empty spa and the remote readout for the pool is claiming that the water temperature is 114 degrees farenheit, yes, and if that's true, then the PG&E police are going to be all over me.

Note: Am I alone in thinking that when someone sneezes it would be fun to say Farenheit and see if the sneezing person will just nod and say thank you?

The Pool Repair Guy is still looking at me. And asking the same question again. What is wrong with the pool? Have you checked the valves?

Have I checked the valves? I am thinking. Do I look like a Pool Repair Guy? No, I do not. I am dainty, in a larger sort of way and although I have been tempted to wear a tool belt, from time to time, valve-checking and gadget-prodding is not my forte.

Note: Righty-Tighty. Lefty-Loosey!

But he is asking.

And suddenly it comes to me. Like a blessed bolt of lightning from the blessed Pool Repair Gurus Above.

My best guess, I am saying, is that I need a new Flux Capacitor.

I wish Doc Brown was my Pool Repair Guy.

Nothing like 1.21 gigawatts of power, baby!

Heck, yes!


Amanda P said...

Haha. Just like the internet guy yesterday, "why can't I get this jack to activate?" Is this really a question you are directing toward me?

Matthew Gamblin said...

The things you say are awesome.

Did you get that new flux capacitor? I would hate for them to think that your pool us actually 114 degrees.

Repair people rock.

Penny said...

You caused me to smile when I did not mean too. Almost laughed out loud but hate to waste that on an empty room. Cute blog.....and what was wrong with the pool or spa or whatever? Hope it was cheap:)

Anonymous said...

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