Friday, September 17, 2010

Jerks. Involuntary.

I think that I may be watching too many of those "Mystery Diagnosis" programs on TLC, if watching too many is even possible.

Note: Everyone has guilty pleasures, here and there. I do not care to watch Little People doing everyday things, nor do I indulge much in watching the Duggars procreate, at an increasingly alarming rate.

Additional Note: Eeewww.

Case in point: Today I am watching a program about Osteo Myogenotosis or something like that, an often-fatal disease of the bones, or the neurons or maybe the blood, I cannot quite recall. The episodes, although quite harrowing, always turn out well for the patient, so it's sort of fun to watch in a "The Big Bad Wolf Ate Grandma, yes, But He's Going to Spit her Out Whole and it's All Good" sort of way.

So, it is entirely possible that I am watching too many of these programs.

I am at the Nail Place, watching 'Deal or No Deal' on the Game Show Network. Some idiot just gave up $300,000 to open just one more case and ends up with twenty-five bucks.

Note: I hope that he is finding his new home, a padded cell, comfortable.

So, I'm getting my nails done and Nail Girl is just starting to polish when I suffer an involuntary jerk of the ring finger.

That's odd, I am thinking and Nail Girl says, Are you okay? Because of the jerking.

I am fine I say and then it happens again. Involuntary muscle contractions of the extremity.

My mind is flying now. That's a symptom, I'm thinking, of Osteo Myogenotosis, the often-fatal disease. I am trying to recall the other symptoms, but my brain can not seem to respond and then I remember that memory loss is another symptom! And fatigue and sleeplessness. And I had assumed that my restless night was due to the three refills of Diet Pepsi at dinner!

How can I be so naive?

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Lindsay said...

I am addicted to watching the Duggars. And Kate plus 8.

Sorry about your bad case of hypochondria...