Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet the Ubers

I am going to be a grandmother. Oh, don't get too excited. Not anytime sooner than the next say, ten months. I'm just saying that it's going to happen. Sometime. In the future. But it's never too early to prepare for such a major event and I find myself concerned about a grandmother issue or two. For example, at that point, I will find myself married to a grandfather. Are you kidding me? How sexy is that?

But that is for another post, because I wish to discuss an issue that Daughter recently discussed in her blog. And that is: What should the grandbabies call me?

Oh, I know you're thinking, "Grandma, duh" but WAIT! Stop yourself. Close your eyes. Picture me. Is there anything about that picture that speaks Grandma? I need a more vital, outgoing persona. I'm not ready for aprons and rockers just yet.

I know a few Nanas (what is that? Short for Banana?) and Grammys (which sounds like an award) and even a Moma, which is the Museum of Modern Art, so far as I know. Considering the importance of a grandmother, I also thought it should be easy to say, perhaps even the first word a child says, but "Dada" is already taken and "No" doesn't really have the right ring to it. Other first utterances include "Baba" but that feels a little too Baa Baa Black Sheep for me. Or I would use my initials and be called "DeeDee" but that reminds me too much of Husband's previous girlfriend who had a Porsche 911.

The concept of being "Grand" means "extensive in size or scope" and "expansive" neither of which really describe me, either. But that's where Daughter and SIL come into play. While canoeing down the river they informed me that I wouldn't just be grand, or super, or awesome as a grandmother. I'd be UBER. Thus the UBERMA and UBERPA were born. The urban dictionary describes UBER as the ultimate, the best, nothing can top it.

Wow. Now that's a high standard to attain.

Ah, that little brown-eyed bundle of joy could call me 'Doggy' for all I care!


Stephanie said...

Knowing what I know about you. I think the Uberma fits you perfectly!

LOVE it!

Amanda P said...

You are the Uberma. And, if that little baby comes out with light eyes, you better love it, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok so now I'm officially blog stalking you! ;) but you are truly talented and I enjoy your writing to the fullest. My mom and I recently had a discussion about what to call her when I have little Chelle/ Aaron look-a-likes. Her response in a true DiaNe fashion: "just as long as they have big beautiful blue eyes and play the piano they can call me whatever they want!" gotta love my mom!