Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TROPHY: a highly desirable symbol of wealth or success [Greek tropaion]; A TROPHY WIFE: You! [Dianne-said-so]

I became a trophy wife about a year ago, when I retired from my job. Retired might be the wrong word. I was simply TIRED of my job, although it had been a good one. I had run my own private piano studio for about 15 years, but with my own kids' tuition payments done(!), I decided to hang up the ivories and pursue a few of the zillions of things I find interesting.

Thus said, please do not assume I lead a life of bon-bons and soap operas, although I've watched 'All My Children' for three decades. It's the only time I really sit down during the day (with my TiVo, the hub, the dog and popcorn) because I'm busy with those zillions of things. Retirement was pretty awkward at first when I realized that I didn't "do" anything. I had become accustomed to "being" something (in my case, a piano teacher, and a darn good one if I say so myself). I couldn't help but notice a few raised eyebrows when I explained that I had retired from teaching to pursue other interests. It's not as if I had taken up pole dancing or something, but I sort of felt like I wasn't "enough" anymore. I needed a title of some sort, a reason for my day-to-day existence.

But somewhere in the process that someone might refer to as a 'mid-life crisis,' my real identity began to emerge. Okay, I admit that first it was sort of joke. "I'm a trophy wife," I began to reply to the questioners and found that it sort of diffused the whole issue. But the more I thought about it and the more I said it, I realized that it was true. I AM a trophy wife and I want YOU to become one, too.

Seriously. I'm not talking about breast implants and shopping and hobnobbing with the jetset. Heck, I don't even know what that last one means. But in the last year of self-discovery, I have honestly determined that I am indeed a trophy wife. It's all a matter of perspective. MY perspective. MY perspective of my worth is the only one that matters and I'm here to champion YOUR cause--be a Trophy Wife!

Lest I begin to sound like Oprah, who has clearly beat me to the punch on this one, I'm actually an ordinary wife like you. I don't have personal trainers or chefs or gardeners or maids or nannies or dog walkers. But I do have a husband (whom I love) and so I qualify for trophy-wife-ness. I've learned to love being domestic, but you don't have to be crazy about it. You don't have to be retired; in fact, trophy wives can wear lots of hats--executives, mothers, telephone repairwomen, grandmothers, airline pilots, sisters and even piano teachers. I didn't have to dump my other titles to become a trophy wife. A trophy wife can encompass it all and find fun, friendship, and hope along the path.

So, consider me to be your personal cheerleader and coach all combined in finding your 'inner trophy wife'. My musings are really not meant to be as much of a guidebook of a trophy-wife-in-training as it is meant to provide amusement and occasional inspiration. Days are going to pass and months are going to disappear. Why not become a trophy wife along the way?

Phew. Enough musing for one day. I'm worn out. See you tomorrow.


Amanda P said...

love it! I've got a husband so I qualify! Mold me, baby! Haha.

Doug said...

I am the husband of the trophy wife and I think it is a great compliment to have a trophy wife. I look forward to reading about the thoughts and musing of my wonderful, beautiful, smart, witty, fun and sexy trophy wife!

Amanda P said...

Not only am I looking forward the musings of Doug's "wonderful, beautiful, smart, witty, fun, and sexy" wife, I'm looking foward to reading the hubs comments. :)

Roger said...

I feel inspired. I have decided that since I retired in December I shall be a Trophy Husband. Any ideas on how I can get my wife to accept it?