Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mathematics, Simplified. Grand + Grand = More Grand!

Life just keeps getting Grander.

Grand Boy, The Sequel. Grand Boy2. Grand Boy, Part Deux.

A little piece of heaven dropped into my world on a blustery Fargo day.

Note: Most days are blustery in Fargo, yes.

Grand Boy emerges with a lusty cry. The Dot's head rests on the pillow, a smile crosses her face, strands of damp hair stick to her forehead. The SIL brushes tears from his cheek.

The Trophy Wife is speechless.

Note: Some occasions are just simply beyond words. And this, my friends and readers, is one of them.

Additional Note: Do not worry. Do not fret. The Trophy Wife will not remain speechless for long. Oh, no.

Welcome to the world, Little Will. Welcome to the world!


Roger and Jackie Harris said...

OMG! You have of the cutest Grand babies. In the words of Jared Fullmer and I quote, "There are some seriously ugly babies out there." And yes he said it at least twice from the pulpit during a testimony meeting.

Angie Page said...

Congratulations! What a cutie.