Friday, April 8, 2011

Winning. Eventually.


Wouldn't you just know it?

I am working on ways to become famous. And/or rich. Well, mostly just rich. I just have so many items on which to spend money, i.e. stuff for The GrandBoy which may or may not include ponies and bounce houses and a child-sized Porsche Boxster S Battery-Operated Car to drive around, until he's old enough for the real thing, yes.

And I notice that folks get rich and/or famous in many different ways and not all of the options require any particular skill or intelligence. Oh sure, Steve Jobs and LeBraun James and Those Facebook Dudes possess fine ideas or unusual skills or both, maybe. But for every rich and/or famous person out there with skill and dedication and hard work and intelligence there is a, well, Charlie Sheen.

Note: I am sorry reader(s), but he had to come up in a post eventually. Oh, sure. He's a fine actor.


But it's not just over-indulged and under-policed actors that get rich and/or famous without any particular skill or intelligence.

Oh no.

There are Folks-from-New-Jersey-with-Big-Hair on Television and Folks-that-Hike-in-the-Wilderness and get Trapped-and-have-to-Cut-off-an-Arm or other-Such-Appendage with Book and Movie Deals and there are Folks that-Carry-Eight-Babies-To-Term who sell the story to The Enquirer.

And there are Bachelors and Bachelorettes and Dads putting their kids in hot air balloons, but not really.

You get the idea.

So, wouldn't you just know it?

I have this great idea to go on a 20-City Tour to talk about stuff that no one really cares about and I am going to charge a bunch of money for each ticket and I am going to name my show 'The Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour' and then wouldn't you just know it?

That doggone Charlie Sheen beat me to it.


He's winning. Definitely.

But just for now. I'm on the rebound with my next great idea.

Heck, yes!


Lindsay said...


hello_tulip said...

Maybe start a cooking show dedicated to whipped cream...yummy

Matthew Gamblin said...
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Matthew Gamblin said...

Inaccuracies must be correct ...

LeBRON James. LeBron. Not LeBraun. Although, if it were LeBraun, he'd be the best representative for Brauny paper towels. Like, ever.

Duh, winning!